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Managing Stress and Anxiety

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Anxiety is really common. In fact everyone has some anxiety, which is normal, and can even be good for you (!). But anxiety can be sneaky, it can slowly creep up on you, getting worse and worse until it is out of control. And when it is out of control, it can have a crippling effect. Not just on how you feel, but on your career, on your relationships, even on your physical health. We know that the earlier you do something about anxiety, the easier and quicker it is to move past it. But unfortunately, too many people wait until it gets worse before they take action. In this course, Emi teaches you all the basics of anxiety - what it is, what it isn´t, the common causes of anxiety, and most importantly a range of things you can do to tackle it most effectively - no matter what stage it´s at. Whether you want to learn for yourself, or for a loved one, this course will give you a solid understanding of the psychology of anxiety and what you can do to feel better immediately.

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